RAP BATTLE: Jeff vs LNC – The Jump Off 2014 #7

The Jump Off

Jump off TV release the footage from their latest rap battle featuring moonlighting MC Jeff “Jeff” Leach taking on seasoned Jump Off vet LNC. What is quite remarkable about this battle is that Jeff, usually known for his stand up comedy, documentaries about sex addiction and TV presenting is taking the UK battle scene by complete surprise, knocking up his second win on the trot. The streak, which could yet spiral into more, only started life as a one off piece for new digital TV channel London Live’s Plus One/+1 series, in which Jeff Leach tries random nights out in london ranging from the Dark Circus to Mexican wrestling. Jeff however won his first ever try at battle rap, in what was probably his first night out ever at such an event too. This latest battle was more of a challenge, with opponent LNC proving more of a worthy adversary having already made quite a name for himself in various leagues around the country, not to mention the fact he is also an actual rapper to start with. Whilst Jeff may be used to heckling, improv and quick put downs, making it rhyme in Hip Hop style seems not as much of a task for him that many would have initially anticipated. This contest was quite a close call, even legendary judge Bushkin (with all his clashing and competitive lyrical experience) found hard to call. If it goes down to technicality and more punch lines, then yes I think LNC safely edges it. But the swagger effect comes in to play here, and Jeff oozes confidence and an air of piss taking arrogance that LNC could do with a little. Jeff took this one on a split decision from the judges as the crowd reaction vote could not even separate these two performers. We reckon LNC took it, especially with the “Game of Thrones extra” line and LNC’s ferocious opening round. Saying that, Jeff managed to convincingly rebuttal in both rounds and hilariously drops a Beyonce soundbite in a moment of comedic brilliance. Great battle. Blows the myth out of the water that you need experience in this game to win. Can’t wait to see Jeff’s next battle. Quick, Jump Off bring on Seano Mac or Dotz before these Comedians take over Hip Hop! Don’t wanna see Lenny Henry up in this muh lova! Check out the fire and leave us your feedback below in the comments section…

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  1. I’ve only just seen this. Thanks for the nice write up folks. It was a really interesting experience, I’m a long time fan of hip hop, rap and the urban scene and believe it or not I’ve been to plenty of events that celebrate that scene.
    It was an honour to take part at the Jump Off, explore a new skill and meet some really talented people.
    Thanks again for documenting what was an amazing experience for me. x

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