Subten – Remember EP

A veteran of the Grime/UK Rap Scene in his own right, Subten has gone from a early member of Grime collective Shoddy Crew, along with the likes of Chip, Double S and Vertex, to affiliating with Shower ENT, NPK and B.C Kingz. Having released a joint mixtape “Purple Poison” with another Purple Gang rapper Poppy back in 2011, Subten is now CEO of B2W Ltd, a label/clothing line, and is venturing out on his own as a solo artist. “Remember” is Subten’s first solo project and hopefully first of many. Featuring five tracks and boasting features from UK Grime/Rap emcee’s Double S, Capo Lee and Frenzy to R&B Singer Kane, the features are both close knit but strong.
Subten is reminiscent mode on the bass-heavy rap banger and title track ‘Remember’, which owing to Kane’s remarkable singing vocals on the chorus, oozes an urban edge and R&B vibe. Subten reflects on the old school days and his origins in music. ‘Mazza’ is another track that takes you back in time to the early days of Grime. Produced by Limitless and featuring Double S and Capo Lee, the beat has an old school sound and features the trio spitting big bars packed with some slick wordplay and displaying skippy flows, all three on another level to their competitors. Subten and Frenzy team up on the grimy rap tune ‘Faith’, produced by S-X, as they both rap about juggling a relationship with the lifestyle of a musician, often socialising with other girls and always away performing, pleading with their woman to keep the faith in them until good times come around. ‘Who Can You Trust’ is a hard trap banger, with lyrics that deal with Subten’s inability to trust too many people, from the streets to the internet. Subten delivers rapid-flowing bars on the bassline-orientated instrumental, also concocting a well written hook too. ‘Opinions’ is the final song on the EP and and sees Subten expressing his opinions on certain people he has associated with through out his career, showing gratitude to those who he has worked with and but expressing his dislike for those who did him wrong when doing business.
Subten draws a fine line between Grime and Rap on this EP, spitting over beats that could be considered either or. He has his sound down, incorporating both his influences of both genres in to his music, and having moved on from his past affiliations, Subten has evolved as an artist over the past few years, making more positive music, but nevertheless, he is still reflecting on his origins like on some certain tracks here. A great introduction to Subten for most, we loom forward to hearing much more from Subten next year, hopefully a fuller mixtape or project that will give a bigger scope of his talent.
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