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The Directors Cut is a compilation put together by David Parra, a self-confessed 80s baby and super-fan of music. Setting out to “make a dream compilation for rap heads”, David brings together some of the illest emcee’s from both the underground and the mainstream, some of these collaborations will only be heard on an underground release like this.

Tracks like ‘N.I.K.E’, featuring MC Eiht, Big Mike, Crooked I, Willie D and C.Ray, ‘Loud Enough’ with KAM, Richie Rich, Big WY, Nesto The Owner and C.Ray, two West-Coast bangers, or ‘O.C.D’ featuring K-Rino, JL, Iso and Spice-1, a murky,, wrenching, horrorcore-influenced song about battles with inner demons, or likewise, ‘In My Own Mind’ featuring Dikulz, RBX and Liquid Assassin, an emotive song exploring life’s battles that the three rappers have gone through.

These songs and many others are “bridging old school and new school”, bringing artists like Ras Kass and Priceless (Aqualeo) together on ‘Empty Vessels’, which also features the brilliant songstress Khadijah Lopez, blessed with a smooth, soothing and soulful voice. Also featuring C.Ray and Tela, the song features intellectual lyricism from the rappers as they rhyme about how society is turning each and everyone of us in to empty vessels, run by technology, media, fashion, becoming robots following society.

Dalima, Wrekonize (of ¡MAYDAY!), Hurricane and Layzie Bone team up on ‘The Purge’, a dark, murky, trap-influenced track on which the emcee’s deliver rapid-firing lyrics, spitting about the weaponry and destruction around them. A lyrical purge of their own, Khadijah Lopez features on another hook here, her voice lurking on the haunting production. The other half of Aqualeo, Acie High, Iso of Deadgang/Brainsick, A.Doulos FKA Ant Diddley Dog and Joey Cool collaborate on the soulful trap banger ‘A.O.L’, or Absence Of Light, which delves in to the minds of the artists, as they too rhyme about the darkness and coldness that exists in the world today.

‘Sensory Overload’ features Ces Cru alongside C.Ray, Jay Felony and Young Blaze, all bring the horror early this year. Always an interesting collaboration when two of underground rap’s most compelling, unpredictable phenoms come together. Madesicc and Brainsick collide when Brotha Lynch Hung and Twisted Insane come together. Throw in to the mix another enigmatic horrorcore artist Kung-Fu Vampire and Gangsta Nip too, and you have a sinister, horrifying song called ‘Odd-tism’. The production is thunderous and the hums are like a demon army marching from hell. ‘Insomniac’ again features Twisted Insane, Horseshoe Gang and P.R.E.A.C.H too, on a synth-twisting, electronic trap-influenced hip hop track, the rappers ripping the track with ill gangsta shxt, telling of how they get down of a night time.

The Directors Cut is the brainchild of David Parra, who has crafted a terrific compilation, bringing together the hottest emcee’s, past, present and future, underground and mainstream too, for some fire tracks that you can only listen to right here. C.Ray and Dikulz, of underground powerhouse label Brainsick Muzik, contributed to this project with mixing and gfx.

Hope to hear more compilations like this again real soon. Listen to the sampler now:

You can pick up a hard copy of The Directors Cut from Big Cartel right now.
($20 for a hard copy. Add $5 for Domestic Shipping. Add $15 for International Shipping)

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Mixed by C.Ray:
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Cover Artwork by Redikulus Concepts:
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  1. Kas Siejewicz // September 8, 2017 at 7:39 am // Reply

    Don’t sleep on this compilation! Support this project! Well worth the money! Indie meets Mainstream! I repeat “DON’T SLEEP!!!!”. Get IT!!!!!

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