Mez – JME (Music Video) One Uncle EP

Raheem Sterling and Uncle Mez . . . . . are not two names you’d perhaps usually put together but they have a few similarities in that it’s easy to forget that they have been around for a long time, both still relatively young, and at times, severely underrated. Uncle Mez himself, from Nottingham for those that don’t know, has done and achieved a lot, and in my opinion, is sometimes slept on. You could say that he’s just reaching his prime.

Mez can hold his own against the new gen, the younger mc’s coming through now, with erratic yet structured flows, crazy high energy, trademark lyric and hype bars. Mez is so much more than that, and I will explore hopefully in a future review on Tyrone 3.

Mez is due to release the ‘One Uncle’ EP on August 13th, and has just dropped the video for the first single, produced entirely by himself, with visuals filmed by Bipolar. ‘JME’, an homage from Mez to another Grime legend, is a scathing, lyrical slaughter for anybody attempting to ruin the good vibes, delivering serious bars, with breath-taking energetic flow over a punchy grime beat and gritty bass line, reminiscent of early grime production. It’s easy to catch a vibe to this banger, and the chorus is also fun and catchy. The video sees Mez riding the wave, possessing some advanced techy powers, as he gives us all an animated performance.

Check out the video below, watch out for the new EP ‘One Uncle’ and leave us your feedback . . .

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