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Following his departure from Brainsick Muzik towards the end of last year, King Iso has been recently touring nationally across USA with Tech N9ne on his Planet Tour, and with several artists from the Strange Music roster, including Krizz Kaliko, Joey Cool and Mackenzie O’Guin, as well as Just Juice and fellow Deadgang/NM8s artist King Kash.

King Iso has now unveiled his third studio album ‘Dementia’, following on from ‘The Insanity Plea’ and ‘Autophobia’. The three main singles, all produced by Iso himself, are ‘F.A.M’, ‘BYOB’, and ‘Jiyf’. The trio are fantastic for singles due to them catching on with fans because of the memorable choruses, but also the messages within, and the lyrics as a whole, resonating with us. ‘F.A.M’ speaks on once-close fam that can somehow turn in to haters, but also those who come back around. ‘Jiyf’ reminds those concerned what Iso is about, both lyrically and otherwise. ‘BYOB’ features former Strange Music artist Rittz, who can perhaps be credited with introducing King Iso to Tech N9ne. ‘BYOB’ is all about refusing to work for a boss, to become your own. Whilst ‘BYOB’ displays Iso’s range of different flows, alongside Rittz’s fast-paced flow, ‘F.A.M’ and ‘Jiyf’ perhaps showcase his terrific wordplay skills best.

King Iso’s music reflects him as a person, his thoughts and feelings, even more so as he speaks on his own experiences with mental health. ‘Remember Me’ is the first official song on the album, and features the same intense, melancholy, orchestral piano production that he teased with the artwork. King Iso addresses his old self, battling to survive with mental health, talking to himself in second person. One line that strikes a chord is ‘learn to love yourself” as Iso continues to express that he was once in that same place. A powerful opener, Mimi Grace’s soft and ‘grace-ful’ vocals and Iso’s introspective lyricism could be on the same level as an Eminem and Skylar Grey collabo!

Not the last time on the album that King Iso explores his inner-self, and creatively too, as ‘Dmt’ proves. Iso’s first verse seems like he’s creeping on chilling West-Coast style beat, haunting his demons or rivals, all taking place inside his mind. Daylyt appears on the track, with insanely intricately structured bars, as both lyrically decimate inferior rappers.

‘Don’t Let Go’, from ‘Autophobia’, has been one of the biggest tracks for King Iso whilst performing on the Planet Tour, and one he is without a doubt being praised for. A song that has Iso bringing’ himself closer to the fans, the song ultimately urges those battling with mental health themselves to hang on, that they’re not alone. ‘Keep Breathing’ may well be a contender for Don’t Let Go #2, as King Iso urges those of us that connect with the lyrics to keep breathing, The poignant lyrics are on the same level of the title track on ‘Autophobia’.

The title track on ‘Dementia’ features Iso delving deep in his past, from birth to his home life, to the streets. This track goes a long way in exploring how Iso has become who he is as a person and an artist. This causes him to forget at times which he can be forgiven for, which he also breaks down on ‘I Forget’. One of a few songs on which Iso sings, ‘Jim Carrey’ is mixed with feelings of euphoria and sadness, as he reflects on where he has come from to now.

‘Wrs’ features two artists that diehard Isoldiers will know about, Sacramento’s King Kash, and Snake Lucci (Snakehouse Records) from Nebraska. All three get to chopping on the pounding beat, with Iso delivering a melodic hook. ‘Wrs’ details the traumatic events and dark, painful memories that the trio block out with drugs and alcohol.

‘I Won’t Quit’ is the long awaited follow up to King Iso and Tech N9ne’s collabo on ‘Bad Juju’. The two obliterate the track featuring Nebraska-based Rock band Awaiting Eli. Energetic and motivational, the song is statement of intent, that they refuse to quit. King Iso matches Tech N9ne’s ability to spaz out on Heavy Metal Rock, especially when he finds those pockets between the drums.

Several other tracks worthy of a mention include ‘Like Me’, on which Iso spits straight fire over a hard trap beat, providing some dark humor and witty bars, as he addresses all of those that laughed of him that are now trying to emulate his success. But you know that nega-tivi-ty that haters be drinkin’? Well Iso drinks his own tea, ‘Ayahuasca’, that has him seeing the world for what it is. Will Iso be brewin’ his own ‘Positivi-Tea’ soon?!

The platform that Tech N9ne and Travis O’Guin have given King Iso, to speak out openly on mental health, guiding those that connect to his music, is one of the greatest opportunities alongside that imminent signing (C’mon,sign KING ISO!). The future of a new generation of rappers and musicians, overall, King Iso is influenced by a range of different artists, 2Pac, Tech N9ne, Brotha Lynch Hung, Eminem, N.W.A and even Rock bands like Slipknot, Deftones and Tool! King Iso’s range of flows is impeccable, his ability to switch up so many times, even in just one song, is second to none. You have to study the greats to be the best, and King Iso has definitely done that, drawing for many styles, subjects and flows, with terrific technique.

Self-produced entirely by King Iso himself and completely independent, the Nebraska King once again epitomizes what it means on this project to be an #Isoldier

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