Back in March, Birmingham Grime emcee Mayday released his highly anticipated project ‘RAINWORLDKING’ a project that had been in the making way even when he performed on the Facebook-streaming #0121RADIO, hosted live by SBTV. That was the first time that lead single ‘Lead My Team’ was premiered, produced by Mistakay, and a very energetic, infectious Grime banger. The lyrics address Mayday’s ever-changing friends circle over the years.

Back in January, Mayday teased us with a glimpse into the process behind making ‘RAINWORLDKING’, explaining the idea behind the project, and ‘Dusk’ is one of many tracks that ties in with his concept for it. On a wavey grime beat produced by Misogi, Mayday delves into his own past to detail a past relationship. The video goes further in depicting his heartbreak, with some very shocking but powerful imagery and effects.

To understand Mayday a bit more, have a listen to ‘Moniker’, as Mayday displays terrific lyrical ability as he tells the story behind how he got his name. Mayday takes you on a journey from before he took up music, then honing his craft, to his continous, relentless pursuit of his dreams and ambitions. Mayday has to speed up his flows on this spacey, trap-influenced L Star beat.

‘Forever Nomad’ compares Mayday’s life to that of a Nomad, always traveling and facing new situations and obstacles. Produced by Imp Batch, and I may be mistaken, but it sounds as though it samples XTC’s ‘Functions on the Low’.

‘Mansa Musa’, produced by Flat Sprite, is an absolute banger, on which Mayday lyrically spins any emcee’s in his firing line. Mayday’s flows are terrifically fast-paced, seeming to drill in to the solid, bass-heavy production.

The chilling cowbells and deep, dark bass on ‘Grove to the Mountain’, along with Mayday’s fire flows, is a recipe for disaster. Mayday proceeds to lyrically slaughter all rival emcee’s, and making references to GTA: San Andreas and where he grew up.

Overall, you’ll find that much of the production on ‘RAINWORLDKING’ has Grime undertones, even some of the beats that lean more towards Trap. There is a futuristic, space vibe that continues from track to track, which might explain the cover, designed by Thorium. As Mayday explains about the concept in his documentary, this project does explore his personal life, but also his pursuit of a music career. He seesm to overcome, or conquer his obstacles in his own world, to become #RAINWORLDKING. Very soon, Mayday will be up amongst the Grime stars……

Have a few listens over the project with the links below, and check out the full documentary too. Plus, leave us your feedback in the comments section.

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