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Emerging from East London, and fresh off the back of getting sampled on Pop Smoke’s ‘Faith’ and Kanye West’s ‘DONDA’, promising talent Luke November is back with his latest release, ‘Queen Bee’, as he continues to perfect his hybrid sound.

Luke November is on a different path to his music counterparts, and although he continues to push for large-scale national recognition, he is undisputedly a homegrown talent who is causing waves across the pond. Luke has rapidly gained international support following the release of his track ‘Call Me Bad’, and Kanye West’s management team quickly got in contact with Luke November. They loved his music so much as to sample it on Kanye’s collaboration with Pop Smoke and Pusha T. Entitled ‘Tell The Vision’, the track debuted on the U.S Billboard 200 and features on Kanye West’s critically acclaimed album ‘DONDA’, and Pop Smoke’s posthumously released album ‘Faith’.

With futuristic visuals filmed by the multi award-winning videographer Dego Visionz, ‘Queen Bee’ is Luke November’s own Mona Lisa, a work of art about pursuing his Queen Bee, and as he states, “A colony of Bee’s will follow its Queen wherever it goes, and as men, it’s only right we pursue the women we want to be our Queen”. Set to a heavy-hitting, gritty drill beat by Lois Elisa, with fast-paced verses, the contrasting soulful melodic piano keys and wonderfully sung chorus add depth to this “conventional Disney-like love theme”, whilst staying true to reality and attainability, which will “encourage and inspire relationships across the globe”.

Combining a smooth undertone of a soft, feminine vocal, effortlessly harmonizing with Luke’s deeper tones, and the mellow production, creates a magical musical journey, and at it’s core, the essence of ‘Queen Bee’ is “love in its purest, unadulterated form, making it easy and accessible, free of complication”. The East London native delivers an enthralling blend of musical influences into this one musical masterpiece, a one-of-a-kind rarity, making love sound easy to the listener, as he also takes them on a magical, sonic adventure.

As Luke November evolves his musical sound and continues to make exceptional additions to his discography, the independent London based artist’s focus is on being further unearthed by his home nation with ‘Queen Bee’. This intergalatic love story is bought to life by the extraordinary talent that is Dego Visionz, and it is clear to see that the maximum work and effort has gone in to the video, both filming and effects wise, bringing about Outkast ATLiens vibes in my honest opinion. With his unique fusion of sounds, Luke continues to break boundaries, and he has now managed to set the stage for his forthcoming EP dropping later this year. ‘Queen Bee’ is a gripping track, and as Luke explains: “Missing this song is like missing your birthday….Why on earth would you want to miss it?”.

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