The Real Nuisance – Go Back

Independent artist The Real Nuisance (TRN) prides himself on his versatile approach to music and his brand new single ‘Go Back’ proves just that. Having been working closely with talented producer ENZ for many years, and a collaboration on a long term project in the works, this is the first to showcase the amazing sound and genius that these two bring to a project.

‘Go Back’ is, in TRN’s own words, “the type of song that will make you miss the old innocent days when stress wasn’t even a word in your vocabulary”. The song is reminiscent of stress-free days kicking ball and chilling with bros, and playing ‘penny up the wall’. TRN further states “tthe song will give you the feeling to reminisce about good times and wish you were back there”. ‘Go Back’ is a fun and vibrant song, reflected in the catchy chorus and production, and is very much an early summer song to vibe to.

The Real Nuisance himself is no stranger to music, having started his journey at an early age, a reflection of his fathers musical talents and interests. He built on his vibrant and persistant personality and created a musical alter ego. Nuisance was born! He was introduced to Grime at school age, and was a part of a community that was Grime heavy, realising his own potential to take his carrer further when Tinie Tempah brought him to a local youth club ‘YMCA’.

Using his connections, Nuisance eventually landed his first studio session at a local music hotspot, and went on to release several tracks during his time at school. A very popular local studio, SP Studios, was the stepping stone to giving him everything he needed to learn to go and be successful. He learnt the true power of Respect, Patience, Hard Work, Maintaining a Positive attitude, and that everything is a learning curve! Not to mention musical knowledge and of course life knowledge!

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