Dikulz – Wise Up (Feat. X-Raided & C. Ray)

Dikulz (Brainsick Muzik) teams up with label-mate C. Ray and legendary West Coast rapper X-Raided (Bloc Star Entertainment) for a brand new single, entitled ‘Wise Up’, from the forthcoming eponymous EP by Dikulz. The track in question is a melodious, yet chilling, almost-hypnotising, song that features fast-paced flows from Dikulz and X-Raided in particular, as they detail their own determination to get to where they are. Both provide wisdom through their own teachings, to encourage others not to give up on their hustle, to wise up and stand out from a system that sets you up to fail. C. Ray appears on the chorus with smoothly sung vocals that just compliment a single already brimming with finesse.

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